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digital marketing company in india

Here is a list of social media and digital marketing agencies that are quite popular from my perspective. The agencies listed here operate from different locations within India, provide a niche service and have already has some brands and personalities that they serve to. This list is updated on June 5th 2018, it was first posted in 2011 and since then Industry has been growing exponentially: AGENCIES IN AHMEDABADDigitasLBi : An agency that provides global marketing and technology for businesses to transform to the digital age. Services: Design & Build, Affiliate Marketing, Content Strategy, Branded content, Creative, User experience, Mobile, CRM, Social Media, Managed services, Analytics, SEO, PPC, User research, Social business design, Media planning and buying¸ Technology Brands: American Express, Sprint cinema, eBay, E-ON Energy Fit, Coca Cola, Sony, Volvo, Zwitsal, Comcast, etc. Location: Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Mumbai Strategix: It helps provides facilities to businesses for…